Spring Cleaning

Everything is growing… plants, flowers, trees and grass
Spring Training/Baseball.
Outdoor activities
March Madness
The Master’s
Mardi Gras
St. Patrick’s Day
April Fool’s Day
Spring Break
Getting back in the pool
Spring Cleaning…

Spring represents many things for many different people. For many it’s the reminder to re-commit to our New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to plan our summer vacations. It’s a time to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a time to clean…. WAIT… WHAT?
I don’t know about you, but for my entire adult life it seems that in the Spring I get the urge to “de-clutter” and deep clean things. A few weeks ago it was my garage. My car. My desk. My wallet. Last weekend my shower. Who knows what this weekend holds?
I found this meme recently and it reminds me that we ALL can benefit from a Spring Cleaning of our mind. This is what I help people do. You see there are many times in life when the stress and busyness of our work, school, home life and relationships can begin to clutter our minds. We slowly begin a downward process of allowing negative thoughts, influences, stress and relationships to “dirty” our mind and soul. We begin to lose focus because our “filter” on life and it’s situations are filled with dust and dirt… bad thoughts, hurt, pain and fear.
So what’s going on in your mind that you need some help cleaning out and working through? Maybe a recent divorce? A child with behavioral issues? A mental disorder that you need assistance managing? A recent death of a loved one you need guidance on how to grieve? A broken relationship? A marriage that seems to be falling apart? A struggle with an addiction? Parenting? In-Laws? A family that is broken? An anger issue? Self-Esteem/Self Worth? OCD? Stress? Co-dependency? Emotional connection?
I just listed a few of the items I am currently helping my clients heal from, work through, cope with and change. From my youngest client (5 years old), to teens, single men/women, numerous couples, grown families… all the way to my oldest client (80 years old).
I am here to help you “clean” your mind and soul. To find the tools necessary to become the best version of YOU! The best version of your Relationship.
Counseling isn’t just for those with “problems”. It’s for all of us.
I hope this Spring you will take a huge step and take some time to work on Cleaning your mind & soul!
A reminder that “Wherever you are at in your life, let’s meet there!”.
Have a Happy Spring!

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