The Basketball Hoop

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The Basketball Hoop I will always remember a specific event in my life that changed me forever. It changed my thinking, it changed my future, it changed my purpose and it changed my motivations. I was only 18. I had graduated from high school, had plans set to attend community college, I had a good […]


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For the past 26+ years I have had the honor and privilege to work with many married couples and families. One of the huge issues in these situations is the ability to communicate during a disagreement or argument. Let’s be honest, fights are going to happen in marriages and families. Sometimes they escalate so fast […]


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Happy Halloween! – Don’t be scurd. Fear is a liar! I remember as a young child the one house in the neighborhood that would just scare us to the point of tears. I literally thought I was going to die. There were mummies, grim reapers, vampires, witches, and ghosts. It was smoke filled, with flashing […]

You’re Still a Team

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Throughout the last 25 years I have seen how Divorce can literally destroy children, families, parents and relationships. In my opinion the person who get’s hurt the most are the innocent one’s, the one’s who didn’t have a choice, the one’s who get caught in the middle of the storm… the Children! It’s not the […]

Grounding Tool

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Many of my clients ask me my opinion on what medication they should or shouldn’t take for their anxiety. I’m not a big fan of medication, but many do need it. I encourage you to work in tandem with a Counselor and your Dr. to manage any medication you may take to manage or prevent […]