Always Kiss Me Goodnight

“Always Kiss Me Goodnight”
In my son’s room hangs a wooden sign that says “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”. Mom (my wife) is pretty good at giving all three of our boys a kiss and hug goodnight… even if they don’t hug back, which is a typical teenage boy response. However my 9 year old will still ask his mommy to put him to bed. It must be the special moment he anticipates with mom. It’s the hug and the kiss goodnight. But is it more?
This morning I woke up early thinking a lot about a good friend of mine who lost his wife to cancer yesterday. She put up a good fight and kept her bright smile through it all. Heaven gained another angel for sure. My friend was so positive, strong and faithful through it all. He showed true strength as he watched the woman of his dreams slowly fade.
I realized in my thoughts this morning that I many times don’t practice what I preach. I realize that my wife get’s those special moments with our boys at bedtime most every night. Don’t get me wrong here I do hug and kiss my boys from time to time, but not on a regular basis. I realized as a father my children need the safety they feel in a hug and the reassurance that comes when I tell them that I love them. So I’m challenging myself and I’m challenging you to make kissing and hugging your children, regardless of age, a regular part of your day.
I also realized that In my 18 years of marriage I have not been consistent in the hugs, kisses, and affection my wife needs. I could tell you ALL of the excuses I may have, but they don’t come close to the intimate emotional needs that my wife has. Many times I just need to give her a simple hug, a kiss and look into her eyes to reassure her that I love her.
I realized in my thoughts this morning that at any moment I could lose the one’s I love. There is “urgency” in this thought. It causes me to have a desire to “Always” show love… a hug, a “I love you” or a kiss goodnight. So what about you? Who is telling you “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”?
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